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It’s time to stop doing it all and start doing the right things well

Overwhelmed and Unproductive?

I’ve got some troubling news for you, friend. 'Someday' doesn't exist. 

As a busy entrepreneur or an overwhelmed business owner, it’s tough to check all the boxes on your endless to-do list. You don’t have time to do it right, or right now, so you don’t do it at all.

All of those pesky tasks that sit on your list, hanging over your head, are continually pushed aside for bigger, more pressing tasks. But you know they’re critical pieces of your business puzzle. You’ll just have to get to them “someday.”

You’re too overwhelmed working IN your business that you have no time to work ON your business.

You have more unread emails than should be legal, and you could be missing vital information because of it.

Your social media accounts are a ghost town. The last post was a holiday-themed graphic you threw up out of desperation.

Your “branding” is outdated and no longer in alignment with your goals. You’re embarrassed to share materials that diminish the value perception of your brand.

Invoices are going out late, and some are left unpaid. You’re leaving money on the table every month.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Your business has a fresh new look that you love. Now you can charge more and get ready for your next big thing.

Your online presence is humming along with regular target-market aligned posts, and your engagement rates are climbing.

Your inbox is at 0, replies are sent out, and no new business opportunities fell through the cracks.

Everything has a clear process and can be systematically accomplished with ease. You can even bring in someone new and quickly train them.

Every invoice goes out on time, the money comes in more reliably, and unpaid invoices are chased down every time.

Your operation is logically organized and running smoothly. It’s easy to collaborate with your team and your vendors.

You have more freedom in your schedule and nothing is left undone. This is what you imagined business ownership to be.

Now all the little things are handled without you having to touch them. You can focus on what you love and what moves the needle.

Your customers are well taken care of, and they have renewed confidence in your ability to deliver.

but What if your business looked like this?


We Don’t Just Want To Help You “Run” Your Business. We Want To Make It Easier For You To GROW AND SCALE Your Business. 

We’re an administrative and creative support team founded in the grand Adirondack Mountains, and now based in the Capital District of New York. It’s our business model to treat your business like our business.

We provide exceptionally effective and efficient support and creative services for entrepreneurs and small business owners like you. We promote easy collaboration, clear communication, and transparent processes.

By seamlessly and virtually blending with your team, we want to empower you to focus on what matters most - profitability.

Hello! I’m Nicole from Mountain 46.

“Someday” may not exist, but we do!

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Creative Solutions To Enhance Brand Value

From branding and photography to email campaigns and web design, it all makes up the total sum of how your brand is perceived by your target market. Make it count!


Let’s face it. Social media is where stuff happens. It’s critical for your business to have a clear and aligned presence.

Social Media Management


Let’s move everything to the “to-done” list through streamlined and organized processes so your business can run like a dream.

Administrative & Organizational Services


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