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We’re an administrative and creative support team based in the grand Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York. It’s our business model to treat your business like our business.

We provide exceptionally effective and efficient support and creative services for entrepreneurs and small business owners like you. We promote easy collaboration, clear communication, and transparent processes.

By seamlessly and virtually blending with your team, we want to empower you to focus on what matters most - profitability.

It’s time to stop doing it ALL and start doing the right things WELL.

We Don’t Just Want To Help You “Run” Your Business. We Want To Make It Easier For You To GROW AND SCALE Your Business. 

Hello! I’m Nicole from Mountain 46.


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The materials your clients and prospects receive should all present a cohesive image of your brand. This elevates their perception of your value and shows that you have it all together. Let’s refresh all of your in-house documentation and resources to match your brand and your price tag.

Update Documentation 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I say a bad picture can cost you thousands of dollars. Let’s elevate your brand imagery with professional, high-quality photos of products, people, and processes.

Brand Photography

Your website is your online storefront. It should interest, educate, and convert. From pages and graphics to menus and videos, let’s create a home for your brand that you’re proud to share. One that’s designed to function smoothly and convert visitors into buyers.

Website Design 

Email communications and marketing are essential functions of your business. They should be thoughtfully designed and easy to replicate. Let’s create email assets that make an impact on your list and, thereby, your bottom line.

Email Campaigns

Your logo should inspire interest and recognition.

Let’s design something amazing that’s in alignment with your brand and your market.

Logo & Creative Assets

Branding & Creative Solutions

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As essential as it is, posting on social media isn’t enough. You have to engage with your target market in order to connect. Let’s talk to your people on your behalf and increase the metrics that matter while creating meaningful connections.

Follower Engagement

Consistency, consistency, consistency. Social media success requires consistency. Let’s take that dynamic social media content and plan it out. Then we’ll schedule it to post on time, every time, no matter what you’re doing or where you’re at.


It takes time to create branded graphics that stop the scroll and engage your audience. But it shouldn't be your time. Let’s design gorgeous and cohesive graphics that spark viewer interest and liven up your feed.

Graphic Creation

Social media copy is its own skill set. From emojis and hashtags to language dos and don’ts, your content has to match what’s acceptable on the platform and what your target audience wants to see. Let’s speak to your people and start meaningful conversations.

Content Creation

If you don’t have social media or it’s been a while since you paid it any attention, today is the day to fix that.

Let’s build it, optimize it, and get it ready to work for you.

Account Set-up & Maintenance

Social Media Management

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Customers are the ones who pay you, and yet it can be mentally and physically exhausting to manage communications long-term. Let’s handle the back and forth so you can stick to your zone of genius.

Customer Management 

This is where you get paid for what you do. You can’t afford to send late or inaccurate invoices. You especially can’t afford to miss out on payments that weren’t sent.

Let’s manage and track your invoices so your bank account stays flush and your peace of mind remains intact.

Payments & Invoicing

Anything you’re doing can be done better and quicker with the right processes in place. From automation to project management and task tracking, let’s organize everything you do to make your job easier and your clients happier.

Process Organization

Time is your most valuable commodity but managing a calendar for a person or a team is a whole skill set that many business owners just don’t have. Meetings are missed, time isn’t used efficiently, and canceled appointments aren’t followed up on.

Let’s align your calendar with your life so you can maintain balance and consistency.

Calendar Management

An unorganized inbox can be a frightening place. And yet, it’s where much of today’s business is conducted. Let’s weed out the junk and prioritize what matters so you never miss what’s important or waste time on what’s not.

Email Management 

Administrative & Organizational Services

We know what is taking up all of your time. We know how to make it better. Stick to your strengths, and let us handle the rest.

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