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I was meeting entrepreneurs and small business owners who were frazzled, frustrated, and faking it until they made it-which wasn’t going so well.

Here was my opportunity. Here, I could be of use! Here, I could make a difference in the lives of other business owners, and together, we would succeed and grow.

And if I’m honest, I love a good challenge!

Not everyone had the same tools in their belts that I did to make this venture simple and streamlined. It looked fairly difficult.

I spent two decades in the corporate world, which was more than enough to confirm that it’s not the life I wanted for myself. As much as I value what I learned along the way, that structure no longer represented the future I wanted to build for myself.

So I leveraged my highly efficient and versatile skill set and struck out on my own! Guess what I discovered?

The Process, Optimization, and Design Maven of Mountain 46

Hello, I'm Nicole!

Let’s fix that.

You’re spending so much time learning new skills you don’t need to poorly accomplish tasks you don’t want to do that what you should do isn’t even on your radar.

Admin tasks that could be automated.
Wasting time on social media.
Wading through a flooded inbox.
Trying to find contracts and files you need to send.
Getting lost in a sea of “to-dos” that don’t inspire you.

But what are you actually doing?

I’m guessing you started your business so that you could be in better alignment with yours.

My passion is in processes, optimization, collaboration, and design. Those are my strengths. 

I focused all my efforts on making their businesses as efficient, productive, and effective as my own. We implemented systems, organized internal processes, and enhanced service delivery.

We updated branded materials and offers, optimized their social media presence, and elevated the quality of their overall brand perception. These businesses were growing, thriving, and gaining momentum toward their bright future.

Mountain 46 Was Born.

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Let’s preserve your time, your energy, and your resources to move your business forward and upward.

Play to your strengths and stay in your wheelhouse
Focus on GROWTH rather than TASKS
Work ON your business, not IN it
Free up your schedule
Go after more business
Elevate the value of what you bring to the table
Charge more for your services
Cash bigger checks

Play to your strengths and stay in your wheelhouse

Focus on GROWTH rather than TASKS

Work ON your business, not IN it

Free up your schedule

Go after more business

Elevate the value of what you bring to the table

Charge more for your services

Cash bigger checks

Working with Mountain 46 allows you to:

the dream team


CEO + Business Support Specialist


Business Support Specialist


Business Support Specialist


Business Support Specialist

Not pictured but equally awesome:


Business Support Specialist


Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer


Business Support Specialist


Graphic Designer

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It’s how I run my company and it’s how my team and I will help you run yours.

I am a wife to my amazing husband (and fellow entrepreneur), a mom to two super awesome kiddos, and a business owner/serial entrepreneur. I love all things business, and the challenge of all the behind-the-scenes stuff lights a fire in my belly.

I'm a work-at-home mom with a chocolate addiction. I love all things cozy ie, pajama pants, yoga wear, sweaters, and beanies. I start by making our bed and savoring a hot cup of coffee daily. I set goals that challenge and usually push me outside my comfort zone.

I'm a kid at heart in an adult body that I'm slowly learning to love. I enjoy moving my body every day, whether it's a walk or a sweaty strength workout. I'm also a big #disneydork that believes in magic and fairytales. I used to be self-conscious of my big smile but now find it my favorite physical trait.

I love to learn but get easily frustrated when things don't come naturally to me. I am fierce but flawed, and at 40 years old, I am still working on figuring out who I am.

A Little More About Me

Sarah S.

I can't recommend Nicole or her team enough, they are a game-changer for any founder or business owner that is short on time and has a long to-do list.


Erin L.

We love working with Nicole & her team. We are absolutely THRILLED with everything that they do for us. We highly recommend M46.


Megan D.

Nicole is incredibly professional, easy to work with, and communicates in a timely manner. I will most definitely be recommending her to others.


Sophie G.

Nicole is the most incredible individual I have ever worked with. She has taken my business to the next level and has brought so much value to the table. Nicole is a pleasure to work with and is not only incredibly organized but well versed in all the areas I needed help with.


Here are a few kind words from several happy clients we’ve been privileged to work with.

Don’t take my word for it!

Happy Clients

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Creative Solutions To Enhance Brand Value

From branding and photography to email campaigns and web design, it all makes up the total sum of how your brand is perceived by your target market. Make it count!


Let’s face it. Social media is where stuff happens. It’s critical for your business to have a clear and aligned presence.

Social Media Management


Let’s move everything to the “to-done” list through streamlined and organized processes so your business can run like a dream.

Administrative & Organizational Services


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